AI getting stuck, part 2

A short session tonight continuing from the end of yesterday’s post, the main man Justin at Opsive replied in his usual, crazily responsive and helpful fashion with a test build that might fix the problem!

In my usual “I forked this code so am careful before bringing in changes” way, I extracted the unitypackage using my shell script then diff to the unforked version that my changes fork from, i.e. Behavior Designer 1.5.6.  Curiously, there was an extra directory “Scripts” with some bits in but otherwise, the Editor DLL has changed and a few files have changed so it’s probably easiest to patch those changes atop my forked version in-repo and Git Revert if there are problems (or go full backup if that fails).  This is only mildly complicated by my use of the excellent MAD Compile Time Optimizer asset which reduces compile times by moving source code between the different Unity special directories so they are not compiled as often due to being in different .Net Assemblies (mostly moving things from base to the “Standard Assets” / Plugins assemblies).  The usual hitch is that one must “Revert” its changes before updating assets… buuuuttt…. if you do things manually, this doesn’t apply so mad UNIX CLI skills to the rescue again B-)  (all those nights hacking away in shell were worth it in so many ways.)

Sadly, once I got his version in, it didn’t work.  Exception!  Fed back.
Tried for minimal reproduction but a few slight hiccups (also in thread).
Short version: no reproduction from minimal parts I thought were necessary … (ain’t it always the way).  Will continue to track down the crux tomorrow.

Is getting this working still worth it?  From point of view of AI dev for SnwScf, yes — this pattern (external behaviour tree with parameters included in multiple places) is a common one for me so it needs fixing.  From point of view of submitting to Develop Indie Showcase?  Less sure.  Will reassess tomorrow after some sleep … (and maybe determining the crux of the problem in my sleep 😉 ).


2 thoughts on “AI getting stuck, part 2

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