Intro: And now for something completely different…


I’m Rupert.  I write a lot — a lot of notes.  I have pages and pages of notes from my development work.  I write them for my own use but realize 2 things:

  1. I need more public content for people to take an interest in my work (especially my on-going project — Snowman Scuffle) and
  2. People other than myself might find value in some of my notes since they ramble over all sorts of development topics (being an indie game developer, there probably isn’t an area of game development we don’t try our hands at!)

So I’ve long pondered how to publish this content.  Being the perfectionist I usually am, I’ve procrastinated publishing it for quite a while thinking I’d take the time to polish it up before posting.  However, given I spend all my available time focusing on making the game, that means there’s not much for non-core-game content making — like polishing blog posts, etc.  So, the non-grand experiment…

Publishing my notes — flaws and all!

I’ll write on the assumption that context will eventually be made by previous posts.  If anyone reads these and wants more explanation or context, please post comments and I’ll try to either edit or add extra entries to explain!  (wooo, alliteration is one of my pet pleasures 😉 )

So.  Intro over.  First post ready to fly.  Time to copy-and-paste some notes in as minimal context and get back to work!

P.s. While I’m tempted to keep one post per area, I suspect that’s pandering to my perfectionism again.  As such, I *will* post more often — per development session *and* per topic (in those odd cases where I do multiple sufficiently large topics in a single sitting).  (Look at me writing “positive actionable” goals … but not present-tense ‘cuz that still feels wrong 😉 )


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